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Monday, May 21, 2007

It's gettin gassy

As I do not rely on any form of transportation apart from that which my legs afford me, I have not been paying attention to gas prices, and have not done so for about a year. But one thing which irked me then and now is the constant whining concerning gas prices. To my American friends down south who are guilty of such cacophony: SHUT UP already!! People in the USA still pay far, far less than any other G7 country, including Canada. So take a look at this slide show, be thankful, and shut the hell up.

Oh, BTW, one thing this slideshow does not do is tell you the standard of living in those countries in which gas is cheap. So before you go bombing any more countries, you may want to reconsider what 17 cents a litre means to the average Venezuelan.

Thank goodness I rely on my legs: not only is it cheap, but I am no longer subject to the tyranny and caprices of bloodthirsty, oil magnate blockheads.


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