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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Voice Wreckognition

It's always funny when a compnay like Microsoft spends millions on a product and they can't even get the basics right. 'Tis a fitting post for today as it was one of those days where I questioned the sanity and intelligence of computer designers. Take my laptop for instance: at one point I was forced to turn it off. Does it have a reset switch? No. How about a power switch? No. Gee, that makes sense. I had to take out the battery and remove the AC adaptor. It makes one wonder how these companies are so profitable.

Apart from that, computers (at least Microsoft Windows) themselves are riddled with problems, and it always amazes me that computers actually go out of their way to create problems for themselves. This lends credence to my idea that science fiction has it all wrong: something like Terminator Rise of the Machines would never happen because, if computers got to such an advanced stage, they would simply fall apart within minutes.


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