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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Somnium Arbionis, vol. II

Last night I had my most vivid dream in quite some time, though characteristically f#$%ed. This is odd since I did not take any Melatonin, which often produces vivid and very strange dreams. The dream seemed, however, a fairly coherent one, which is unusual for me, but I can only remember episodes that seemed to have a seamless logic which now escapes me.
As most of the episodes will be meaningless to everyone given their private symbolism (though it would make for a good postmodern poem which no one else would understand), I will present the one episode that remains the clearest in my memory. I know of at least one person whom this should interest, given the subject matter. Comments in [] are my own attempts at rationalizing what I saw or heard.

I saw myself at what appeared to be either a T.S. Eliot Museum/exhibition of film, which is odd in itself since he's not one of my favourite writers, nor do I know much about him. I recall picking up a small, hardcover volume resembling those small, blue Oxford University Press hardcovers from the 1960s. This one had a hologram, resembling that of a magic 8 ball, of a skull on the back [there was a magic 8 ball character on a Venture Bros episode I saw two days previous]. Then I found myself standing at some sort of podium, reading the book, and then noticed a very, very thin stream of light which emanated from Eliot's (presumably) grave, was approximately a few hundred feet away situated at about 1 o'clock from my position, which was directed to my face, but it wasn't blinding. This was more like a Special Effects thing rather than a natural phenomenon, and it seemed a deliberate part of the exhibition.

From what I can remember next, I and many others were watching a film by/about Eliot (I think) in a venue that resembled the Bytowne cinema in Ottawa, an independent theatre that seats approximately 150-200 people. I then remember becoming incensed because some people, especially those in front of me, were "propping" themselves using additional chairs. This upset me, who was now sitting on the ground and unable to see the screen well. Just before I got up to voice my displeasure, a woman in the far back yelled something like "what's the point of having a chair if you're not going to use it?", to which I replied with a loud "Thank You." One of the guilty parties in front of me said something justificatory, to which I replied, "yes, but I can't see." He then said something like "use a magnifying glass," to which I replied sarcastically, "yeah, so I can see the guy's ass!" (this elicited some laughter from the audience). What is stranger is that I appeared in fact to have some telescopic device in my hand, which I only noticed just as I was offering my retort.

Though I think psychoanalysis and much of what Freud said is total BS, I would love to hear his interpretation. Better yet, I think I would rather hear what Jung would have to say, since his interpretations are often far more contextual and nuanced.


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