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Monday, June 23, 2008


The Italy Spain game yesterday wasn't the greatest of the tournament, but not the worst either. Congrats to Spain for not choking for once. Russia vs. Spain promises to be a feast of attacking football/soccer. I must admit that this tournament has been very unpredictable and full of drama. Without a doubt this is the best Euro tournament I've seen since I started watching it in '96 (My God, has it been that long?)


McDonald's Diet?

This man lost weight by eating only McDonald's for 6 months. Sound bizarre? Yes it does, but when you see what he actually consumed, it's just another case of Captain Obvious striking again.


Just found out George Carlin, the legendary comedian, died yesterday. He was not my favourite comic, and some of his acts sound more like sermons than stand-up comedy. However, one cannot deny his massive influence, not to mention remarkably long and successful career. I just saw his latest act ("It's Bullshit, and it's bad for ya") only four months ago, in which he was, at the age of 70, still as energetic and irate as ever.

Carlin will be missed. RIP.


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