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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tonson's miscellany

I experienced my worst ever computer crash over the weekend. I got not the blue screen of death, but the black screen of death, and it said "Error loading operating system," which it would repeat after restarting. Ultimately, I had no choice but to format and reinstall windows. The good news is the harddrive is fine, but I lost everything. Fortunately, I didn't lose anything utterly indispensable, such as a thesis!

I was not a little miffed that I lost my comps notes for this term on the 18th century novel. However, all was not lost: believe it or not, there are programs out there that can possibly recover files, even after a harddrive has been formatted! I suppose this is why harddrives are often used as evidence during inquiries. A friend told me that whenever he disposes of a harddrive, he actually destroys it. In unscrupulous and trained hands, much private/sensitive data could be gathered.

This was a good wakeup call for my thesis, which I will start around April. I'm backing up anything indispensable twice over henceforth.

On the lighter side of the news:

Funny collection. I thought the one for that annoying "Classmates" ad was very accurate. You know, these annoying assclowns:

Of course, I use Firefox's Adblock addon, so I don't see most annoying, epilepsy-inducing ads anymore.

Update: Almost exactly two years ago I posted what became the famous "Angry German Kid" video. According to (assuming their usual irony is absent here), the video is a fake: a (relatively) sane German kid made the whole thing up following a video game controversy in Germany.

Back to comps for me. The good news is I'm done reading a ton of 18th century novels and have now moved on to Prose, which will be followed by Poetry and Drama. I'm more familiar with these texts and there are far fewer of them, so my remaining comps reading is "relatively" light (I use the word very carefully).

I started watching The Last Temptation of Christ online tonight, and I will watch the second half tomorrow. So far it's decent, but it is a strange movie. Maybe it'll all make sense at the end.


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