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Monday, January 28, 2008

Old Kids on the Block/Blast from the Past

Jumping on the "old washed up bands reuniting" bandwagon, there is talk that New Kids on the Block (NKB) may be reuniting.

The success of the recent Spice Girls reunion was no doubt an impetus, but the two groups are totally different, and I think an NKB reunion, as charming and nostalgic as it may seem, would be disastrous. Here's why:

-The Spice Girls were popular less than a decade ago. NKB disappeared nearly 20 years ago! To put it into perspective, NKB was popular when I was in Grade 4!

-The Spice Girls consist of four (semi)-attractive women, and can therefore still appeal to a large audience. A boy band consisting of washed up forty year olds is nothing short of creepy! The Backstreet Boys attempted a reunion about 2-3 years ago. If memory serves, they released a single and disappeared, but unlike NKB they had time on their side.

Still, this piece of news very much qualifies as a blast from the past. Makes on feel old.


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