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Thursday, March 09, 2006

How the feminists betrayed feminism

Interesting article I was directed to in today's Globe and Mail (or, as Dr. J puts it, Grope and Flail). I'm not an expert in feminism, but I definitely see hypocrisies and conflicts within it. Let me know if any of you cannot access it.

The author points to York, somewhat disparagingly, but I can't help but agree with her when she says such things as "York University, which is so feminist it even teaches feminist geography." I also liked this particular passage:

The vast majority of women can only dream of oppression as exquisite as ours...

Yet, when it comes to women who really are oppressed, Western feminists have nothing useful to say. How can we help Afghan girls whose schools are being burned down by the Taliban, or women in South Africa who endure one of the highest rape rates in the world? What about the unwanted female children of rural India whose parents let them starve, or the millions of African women suffering from HIV-AIDS because of the deeply sexist sex habits of the men? And how can we help the millions of Muslim women who live under the worst kind of gender apartheid?

I think feminism is important and has done some important things in the 2oth century, but it has definitely lost direction.


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