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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Grad School Update


After paying through the nose for postage to the States and countless emails, I finally can breathe a little easier. U of Virginia, my top choice, has my entire application. I had two out of three online references, and my last referee was nowhere to be found until last night, when he emailed me telling me he refused to complete the impossible online form (the deadline for this school was January 2, but because I applied on time, I have a grace period with letters). Luckily he sent an email copy which the graduate school accepted. University of Texas at Austin's Graduate school seems to have received my stuff, but no word yet from their very unhelpful English department (actually, UTexas has to be the worst school in this respect. No one at the Grad School or English office returns calls or emails).

Of course, there's such thing as something that's too good to be true: ETS, the governing body of the GRE, goofed on my subject test score and sent the score to the correct insitutions, but no the English departments. For some schools this won't be a problem, but it may for others. I'm sure as hell not paying 15$ US for someone else's f#@&-up. Reminds me of what my friend said: You can do everything right, but ultimately your fate is in the hands of idiots. If you think about this, it's true: you are often at the mercy of blockheaded mail carriers, administrative workers, government employees, etc etc. So much for free will :)

I will not be applying to Boston U: they seemed to be more trouble than it's worth (I'm saying this as a Canadian who has to go through all the international BS). I may apply to something closer to home such as Ottawa (I'm already applying to U Toronto and Queen's).
I will know the results of my applications beginning probably in late February. If you don't hear from me around that time, then I've probably retreated to the mountains forever.


Anonymous zelda said...

holy, what a pain in the ass. i would have lost it by now. you're doing a great job staying patient! the waiting is worst part. argh!

8:04 p.m.  

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