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Thursday, January 05, 2006

PoMo Fun

I was thinking of the Postmodern Generator last night, and today, in his bigger and better blog, Dr. J points our attention to something very similar and all too real for an English student: an English PoMo title generator. Ever wonder where snobby profs come up with those titles? Well, it makes sense now :) Seems to me that many of those academics that have such papers spend more time on their titles than the papers themselves. Even Dr. J has to admit though that there's something amusing in the insanely complicated and esoteric titles. One almost feels a sense of accomplishment after being able to read and decipher such titles.
For what it's worth, I entered some random names and here's what I got

1) For Joseph Addison's Cato:

Dismembering the Queer Murder in Joseph Addison: Cato and Intersection
Colonizing, Questioning, Constructing: Darkness in Joseph Addison and the Outraged Tyranny of Theory in Cato
Joseph Addison, Cato, and The Privileged: Sectioning Gendered Appropriation
Raping the Misogynistic Poetics in Joseph Addison: Cato and Degeneration
The Racist Exhuming The Privileged: Joseph Addison, Cato and Patriarchy

2) Something a little less "literary": Sam Johnson's Lives of the Poets:

Samuel Johnson, Lives of the Poets, and The Invader: Etching Bourgeois Race
Marginalizing the Oriental Penetration in Samuel Johnson: Lives of the Poets and Degeneration
Protest as Fuzziness: Politicizing Unitary Promiscuities in Samuel Johnson's Lives of the Poets
Homophobic Re-vision and the Initiation of Transgendered Alterity in Samuel Johnson's Lives of the Poets
Samuel Johnson Destabilizing Collusion: Lives of the Poets and the Object of Postmodernity

Funny stuff: reminds me of my M.A. year when some of us would (jocularly) try to come up with such titles for our works. I for one could rarely do it: I don't have the pomo gene in me, which should be a relief to anyone who reads (or will read) me.


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