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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A very entertaining, informative, and witty post from for those who need a reminder of just how insane the Old Testament is. I have to say that, apart from some of the more brutally boring books (Numbers, Leviticus, etc), the OT is actually a fairly entertaining work of literature. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the entire porn industry was influenced by the Bible (in fact, I just found out that the first porno film ever made, El Sartorio, a silent Argentine film from about 1907, features the Devil!)

It reminds me of something my pious grandma said: she reads the New Testament, but says "what's the deal with the OT? Everyone sleeps with everyone!"

There is no shortage of Christian/Jewish apologists who, like their Muslim counterparts, try to justify the really bizarre or even offensive sections of their holy texts. I think most intelligent people in these religions freely admit that these texts do indeed have some fu$%ed up parts, and say that the times in which these books were written were very different from ours. Of course, this starts a slippery slope: if some parts of a holy text you believe in are clearly wrong or corrupt, why isn't all of it? Just a thought.


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