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Saturday, August 02, 2008

On Libs and Cons

The previous post reminded me of yet another pet peeve I have, and that is perceived levels of ignorance among people espousing certain political ideologies.

Typically, at least among the socially conscious, conservatives are branded as ignorant hicks, which they usually are. However, liberals can be just as ignorant, often irritatingly so. The only difference is, and this is what kills me, that liberal ignorance is politically correct and therefore ok, whereas when a conservative is so, he's just another ignorant conservative. Liberals will often defend religions or ideologies they know nothing about.

I find the distinction between liberal and conservative is somewhat passe: nowadays, liberals can seem conservative, and vice versa. The distinction is perhaps less moribund in the US, but even there one can see it: McCain is (or was) a leftist Republican, whereas Hilary Clinton is a right of centre Democrat.

Chris Rock was right: it makes no sense to call oneself a liberal, or democract, or whatever. In my opinion, any person who brands him/herself a liberal or a conservative, or what have you, is clearly not a thinking person.


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