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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Old Guys Scrap, and other noteworthy items

Every few years, there comes a video that is not only funny, but make your saw drop in disbelief. This is the newest of those videos.

(Hint: It's funny when old white guys scrap) Rated G.

In other news, I'm going to watch the 2nd leg of the matchup between FC Internazionale and Liverpool either on my illegal chinese desktop TV or on a chinese stream online (commentary is in chinese, but it's free). Inter's going to have a tough time getting the 2-0 result they need just to tie things up.

I'm also this close (holds thumb and index finger barely apart) to getting a new place outside of cracktown. It's not the ideal place, but very respectable, especially compared to what else I saw. The price is also very reasonable considering the area. Will give updates on that as and when they happen.


Anonymous Former flaky girl next door said...

Oh cracktown central, how i miss thee...
Are u moving to the Bermuda Triangle? The nouveaux-riches downtown? Or your fav, wanna-be artsy, diverse, hip, freshly out of rehab populated Hill?
Haven't been on your blog in a while must say that for someone who's very nazi about content, your latest post are quite...well...not very literary
Let me know when our little deal will go down if you're moving...
ps. nothing can kills those mofos in my plant! they are mutating!!!!

11:08 a.m.  

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