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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Miss Belgium Does Not Speak Dutch

Can you believe it? I mean...Gah! What's the world coming to?

I am, of course, being ironic. In all fairness to those who booed her at the Miss Belgium competition, however, Belgium is about 66% Flemish (a dialect of Dutch) speaking.


Anonymous former flakey girl next door said...

the only reason they booed her it's cuz of all the political tensions going's getting pretty pathetic there (and I'm not taking any sides here) it's as if Miss Canada got booed cuz she didn't speak english or french..(well that being said it would probably happened cuz we are just as retarded!)

It's a T&A competition not a linguistic knowledge-based exam
give the girl a break, either way she's only HALF-Belgian so she knows only one official language...
makes sense LOL
All that to say, they elected an eastern european girl as miss belgium...I think Belgians have bigger issues here
so what if they have no government and half the country hates the other half and burns the national flag...where are the glooking girls people??!! that's a national crisis allright!!! ;)

3:55 p.m.  

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