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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Looks like I've been tagged, that is, I need to provide a list of five songs that reflect "how I feel" right now. As a track listing would be unintelligible to most, and I don't know what I feel, I will provide a discography of the most recent albums I've been listening to:

1) Paul Van Dyk, Politics of Dancing Vol. 2

Famed Euro-Trance DJ. Nowhere near as good as Volume 1 though

2) Haddaway's "What is Love" and "Life"

The former is best known for being featured in the movie Night at the Roxbury. I just downloaded the songs a few days ago, and don't know what persuaded me to do so.

3) Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" off X & Y

Overplayed when it came out 1.5 years ago, but a solid song nonetheless.

4) I don't listen to Christmas music, but the only two songs I ever listen to that don't make me want to kill myself are "Little Drummer Boy" w/Crosby and Bowie, and "Carol of the Bells" as performed by Trans Siberian Orchestra

5) I am currently listening to Symphony X's The Odyssey. This is one of the few good progressive metal bands out there. As the title suggests, there is a 25 minute (yes, twenty-five minute) song called the Odyssey, which is based on Homer's epic. Great song. I'm still listening to this album after four years, a rarity.

I know most of this music sounds "gay," but number 5 should redeem myself :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

arthur serkis thinks anything you do is gay... no matter what your #5 song is

5:27 p.m.  

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