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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Funny dorky anecdote

Just thought I'd share an amusing anecdote with y'all:

I recently ordered my very own copy of Derrida's Of Grammatology from (I'm not a theory nut, but it's a text worth having). The bookseller emailed me soon after placing the order and told me, despite the advertised new condition of the book, there was some "inked through" underlining, etc, near the beginning. I told him no problem, as long as it is still legible.

I received my book in the mail today, and it is a tight, unread copy (though that didn't prevent the previous owner from stamping his name. I wish people would at least read the book first before they claimed ownership, but that's another story). I did not find any pen/pencil in the book, and then it dawned on me: he was referring to Derrida's habit of crossing out words (such as an X through Being, Thing, etc). It didn't occur to me at first that that's what he was referring to; I thought it was amusing.

Now I'm officially a dork!


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