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Friday, June 16, 2006

World Cup vol. II

After two paltry attempts at gambling, I've had enough: sports are simply too unpredictable, and the World Cup is no exception. A few days ago, my friend and I played a ticked on which we picked Korea to win (vs. Togo), Brazil to win (vs. Croatia), Tunisia to win (vs. Saudi Arabia) and France and Switzerland to draw. Of course, they all came through except for the Tunisia/Saudi Arabia, the latter team playing better than I've ever seen. Go figure: I predict a tougher result (France and Swiss), and the one sure shot falls through. Sports must be rigged.

Last night, the same friend and I played two tickets on today's games: on one we picked Argentina, Holland and Mexico to win, all of which came through except for Mexico. I had a funny feeling we would see at least one tie, so we played a ticket on which Mexico tied (which they did, 0-0, against Angola), but where Holland and Argentina also tied, which definitely didn't happen. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Portugal doesn't win tomorrow against Iran. I can't see Portugal losing, but I can see them drawing.

There are those people who play big money and bet on favourites (e.g., Czech republic), but the odds are so low for such teams, it's not even worth playing. I hate Proline. The people who work at OLGC are the smartest on earth: they know that the most avid follower of sports will win once in a blue moon, but otherwise, they know what they're doing.

Tomorrow's games? If Portugal wins, it'll be by one goal, otherwise they will draw; Italy should beat the USA, and the Czechs should win, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of those two teams draws. I don't see Italy or the Czechs losing, but either could tie.


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