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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Update

I must say that this world cup has been the best since '94 (2002 was a disastrous joke). Thus far the quality of the matches has been superb and some excellent goals have been scored. The only exception was today's matches: Brazil wasn't convincing and the France/Swiss game was a bore.
On the bright side, my Roman friend (John) and I ventured into the world of legal gambling and played a PROLINE ticket. So far 3 of our 4 or 5 predictions have come true: We predicted that Korea and Brazil would win today and that Switzerland and France would draw, all of which finished as we said they would. We must wait for tomorrow's games, and we hope that Tunisia will beat Saudi Arabia, after which we'll both win a cool forty bucks!

The two teams that have really impressed me so far are the Czech Republic and Germany. One can see why the Czechs are ranked 2nd in the world (how the US is in the top ten just shows how ridiculously stupid and skewed the FIFA rankings are), and after a decade of embarrassment, Germany finally has a decent team, their only possible weakness being in central defence.

I'm rooting for the Latian team (that is, Italian), which I think is the best team in the tournament, at least on paper. They have greater depth than even Brazil, and their victory against Ghana (who played very well, by the way) marked an auspicious start for a team that is notoriously slow to start. With few exceptions, however, none of the big teams have been categorically impressive, the teams have only played once thus far, so we shall see. I'm still holding on to Italy as winner, and I think, with a little luck, Ivory Coast will also go far.


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