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Saturday, May 27, 2006

One man's trash...

As I was running an errand for someone else yesterday at Deja Vu Discs (a second hand CD/DVD shop), I found what I'd been looking for for quite some time: a used copy of the Blackadder DVD set, which retails for $100 CDN (before tax), which I bought for 69$. I used to watch the show religiously, and I believe the last time was nearly two years ago. My close and not-so-close friends will be surprised at me since I never buy DVDs or that type of thing, but this is an exception.

My particular favourite era is the Prince George one (18th century). Can you tell why? :) Actually, I like all of them, but that one takes the cookie. My admiration of and reverence for Samuel Johnson actually stems from the episode on his dictionary, where he is played by a delightful Robbie Coltrane (I believe his most recent, and most famous, role was in the Harry Potter films; an unmistakably corpulent fellow). Whether or not Sam Johnson acted or sounded anything like him I can't say, but anytime I read his works, I can never get that voice out of my head.

When I say I like British comedy, I'm probably using that as a metonym, i.e., Blackadder stands for British comedy, which isn't the case because it is very funny and perhaps the wittiest show I can think of (come to think of it, most British comedy is either too silly or simply not funny. Even Monty Python, at times hilarious, deviates into tasteless silliness).


Blogger Dr J said...

But isn't "tasteless sillyness" with a "y" silly? ;-)

1:05 a.m.  
Blogger Pious Labours said...

I stand corrected. I wanted to say "tasteless fatuity," but not only does that not have the same ring to it, it would not be, as Johnson said of Addison's style, refined but not ostentatious.

12:51 p.m.  

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