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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well, I finally wrote my long awaited Major Comprehensive exam on Friday. I will most likely find out sometime this evening if I passed. If so, then I will need to go to an oral defense tomorrow, which is almost a formality by this point.

The exam was four hours long, and to be on the safe side, I had my first Red Bull during it. Not sure it did anything, but I did feel some heart palpitations and increased nervousness/jitteriness (then again, that could just be me). After I had finished writing the exam, I was very disoriented: I wandered around the department aimlessly for about an hour. I think the part of my brain responsible for syntax and semantics is somewhat dormant now, which should explain some irregularities in my writing.

I'm moving to a better place/area in two days! I can't wait.

Here's an hilarious treat I found last night: it's a tool that translates your normal, adult text and translates it into the idiom of a typical, retarded 12 year old online user. Go ahead and try it.


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