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Sunday, March 23, 2008

TV Time

As I don't have cable, it is a little difficult to follow what is going on in the world of television (usually not much, anyway, and I refused to pay for cable when 99% of it is absolute garbagio!). However, one of my favourite comedians, Lewis Black, was recently given his own show, The Root of All Evil, which has so far only seen two episodes.

Most will recognized the irate comedian from his "Back in Black" segment on John Stewart's The Daily Show. If you like politically incorrect, irreverent, irate humour/rants, Black is your man. The show airs Wedesdays @ 10:30 (PST, I believe) on Comedy Central.

So far I've seen two episodes, and although the show elicits laughter and is amusing, its one major flaw is that there simply isn't enough Lewis Black. Another reviewer said he would prefer to see thirty minutes of "Back in Black," and I'm apt to agree with him. Until then, I will watch the program, until it probably gets pulled after six episodes because twenty billion people didn't tune in (that reminds me: most good shows of the past wouldn't last half a season in this age of unabated and unparalleled greed).

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