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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Software Update

I've already ranted about Microsoft products, especially the laughable new release of media player,
so I'll spare whipping a dead horse (this time!).  

I've been using WinAmp recently to play music, but even that got on my nerves after a few weeks.  Just yesterday, I found an impressive free program called "Media Monkey."  It plays music without any hassles, and it automatically creates playlists, unlike WinAmp.  Although the TaskManager shows that it uses up more ram than usual (about 33000 K as opposed to, say, 5000), it certainly doesn't act that way.  You can also minimize it so that all you see is the icon in the system tray, so it's less obtrusive than other programs.  Did I mention that it's fast?  
Best of all, it's Canadian Software! (Ventis, which is, I believe, based in Montreal).  

I remember Dr. J encouraging me to download and use Open Office, which is a free imitation of Microsoft Office, but don't be fooled: it is a very impressive program which is far simpler and faster than MS Office.  I've only used the Writer (Word processor), and so far so good.  I also downloaded a similar program called AbiWord.  It look an awful lot like Open Office's word processor, but it seems even simpler.  I haven't really given it a shot yet, but I will let you as and when.  

As far as browers go, I'm back to using Opera.  Firefox is a very good browers, and the ad-block plug in works wonders (it even blocks Google ads!).  However, there are certain things that bug me about Firefox, mainly the fact that it's a system hog (sometimes it will eat up 100,000K of ram, far too much for a browser).  Opera has some very nice looking skins, takes up a fraction of the memory, and is often much faster

Does anyone still use Internet Explorer?  I can't see why they would.  If you are one of these people, I highly recommend giving Opera or Firefox a shot: you will immediately see the difference.  

That's it for this week's edition of Software Update.  Stay tuned for further developments.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not enjoy your so called "software update"

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Thank you very much

2:53 a.m.  
Blogger Pious Labours said...

You don't like, too freakin bad!! I'm not forcing you to read it.

If you're content using IE, which is the slowest, most unstable and spyware-prone browser there is, be my guest.

10:47 a.m.  
Anonymous flakey girl next door said...

hahahaha outburst of violence #214
dear neighbour,
there is anti-big-coporations taking-over-the-world protest tomorrow at 2pm...wanna go?
i also use IE hee...but now ive seen the light ;)
thx for the tip

1:53 p.m.  

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