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Monday, February 23, 2009

Death of the Apostrophe

I completely agree with this well written, incisive, and witty piece from the National Post. Yes, it's about apostrophes, but the author expatiates on how it is a symptom of something bigger.

Favourite Quotes

"Then, there are proud philistines who feel that whatever they don't know, doesn't matter. For them, the proof that something isn't important to know is that they don't know it. If it did matter, they would know it, and since they don't, it doesn't. 'What did you say that writer's name was -- Ibsen? Never heard of him. Can't be very important.'"


"In ancient Greece, young Demosthenes wanted to be an orator. Since he stuttered, he is said to have trained himself by placing pebbles in his mouth. If the tone-setters of our age stuttered, they wouldn't bother with pebbles. They'd abolish public speaking."

I'm not sure whether I'm getting more conservative, but I find that the National Post is the only paper usually worth reading: their articles and especially editorials are much more interesting than those of the other papers in this country, even if I disagree with them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. To the non-thinking person ruled by the bequeathed traditions and driven by media, billboards and the capitalistic society it is their natural course of action to "imitate".

The "shoulds" of holiday gift giving and the manufactured days like Father's day and Mother's day and Valentine's day are a few of the man made institutions which drive consumerism not heartfullness. No thought, no meaning, just open your wallet to make a purchase. Then there is the one "upmanship" that goes along with the obligation of obeying these holidays....a bigger ring, the most flowers. It's so hideously bland and shallow.

10:45 a.m.  
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